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Aagard is a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation and packaging machinery with an intense focus on production capability and total project success. We design, manufacture, and prove each system in our 75,000 square foot facility in Alexandria, Minnesota. Our growing workforce of creative and highly skilled employees allows us to develop creative solutions and build you efficient machinery of the highest quality.

Aagard’s combination systems increase productivity while minimizing floor space, labor, and utility requirements. Using proven technologies, Aagard has developed unique packaging solutions that combines sleeves, retort loaders/unloaders, cartons, case packers, palletizers, accumulators, and many smaller unit operations all into a standard frame and controls system.

With Aagard’s intense focus on “Production Capability” on every project, many aspects including safety (category 3 safety with locking guard doors), ability (high performance, positive transfers, and fast auto-recovery from stoppages), and reliability (machine cannot damage itself, smooth and optimized operation of each device) are carefully considered. This starts at the beginning with a detailed engineering planning phase including detailed timing charts per SKU as well as 3D design reviews with your team. Later, this plan is proven with a thorough testing period (6-8 weeks) focusing not only on normal operation but especially on machine recovery (automatic startup from most stoppages in 30 seconds with minimal intervention). Each device is proven with a complete internal FAT process one full week before the customer FAT. This focus on “Production Capabilities” enables Aagard to partner with our clients for total project success. 

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