Grant and Pope County Human Services Offices have been working together for the past several years sharing social services supervisors. Instead of 1 supervisor each we have been able to leverage 3 social services supervisors and have been able to have specialized supervisors for social workers instead of one supervisor having to know all areas. We learned from that and grew from that. We next shared a director and then began exploring what would work best for both counties, the staff, and the people we serve in Pope and Grant Counties. As we began to meet and work our way through the questions we had, we took more and more steps together because it was natural and benefitted our staff as well as the people we serve. We learned that we can do more together, we can serve people better, our staff can be more supported, and we can build an agency that does everything we each did and more. Smaller counties have always had limitations in what they could provide in specialized services and grants simply because of the bandwidth of our staff. Together we can conquer some of those and give the staff and the people we serve more opportunities.

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