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What Express Oh! Can Do For You
Provide you with state of the art Espresso Gourmet Coffee Machine or a commercial coffee brewer free of charge
Provide fresh coffee and supplies to your business at a fair price
Free up your time from shopping for coffee supplies
Make sure your coffee brewer is always in working order
Keep your pots and equipment clean and fresh 
Make ordering convenient for you

Express Oh! provides the best office coffee service and break room supplies for Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada delivered to you.

We carry all brands of coffee and tea products including: Starbucks Coffee, Gavina Coffee, Folgers Coffee, Maxwell House Coffee, Coffee Mate, Bigelow Tea, Tazo Tea, RC Bigelow Tea, Land O Lakes, Mini Moos, C & H Sugar, Creamers, Napkins, Paper Plates, Spoons, Knives Forks, Paper name it. Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Lattes, Cafe Americano, and French Vanilla too.

Free Demonstration

We provide the machines, delivery, set up, cleaning and maintenance at no cost to you. We fill your espresso machines with fresh 100% Arabica coffee beans, 100% non fat milk and top quality supplies.

We offer a Free demonstration of our espresso machine that we promise your employees will enjoy.  When you choose to keep our service, you only pay for the cups you drink, which is MUCH less than your employees and customers are paying at specialty coffee houses,


IMAGINE a coffee service that responds immediately to your needs, that keeps your pots and brewers spotless and fresh, that delights you

with friendly professional service.