Growing up on a Minnesota farm, John Christianson understood the challenges that his neighbors faced. Using his talents for accounting and business, he set out to help others successfully grow their businesses and protect their assets. Whether working with a small, local company, an ethanol production startup, or a large corporation, Christianson, PLLP brings you the quality and expertise you depend on. Over the years, new challenges and opportunities for the rural and agricultural industry came to light and Christianson, PLLP has risen to the challenge, developing new skills and expertise to meet your needs. Accuracy, confidentiality, and fast response are all built in to our culture. New business development and new industries keep us on the cutting edge while rural, small town values keep us rooted in our tradition of service. On January 1, 2011 Christianson, PLLP merged with Mark C Nicholson PA, of Litchfield, Minnesota to open a branch in Litchfield. This merger will expand the Christianson, PLLP service footprint to the Litchfield area while continuing to provide the exceptional service that Mark and his team have delivered to this community said John Christianson.