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    April 2, 2019
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COMMUNITY HEALTH CORNER With Chief Pharmacist, Ray Glaser at Thrifty White Pharmacy, 503 Third Avenue East in Alexandria. Don't Let Spring Allergies Bring You Down! Spring wil be in full bloom before you know it.. but before it does get a jump start on allergy season! Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. When plants start to bloom allergy sufferers start sniffing and sneezing. Many people wait to treat their allergy symptoms once they are full blown and miserable. Waiting to manage your symptoms until it's too late can mean you may need stronger and additional allergy medicines or more intensive treatment throughout the course of the season. By taking allergy medicine before the season and your symptoms start, you can reduce your suffering. The sooner you start the better! This type of treatment is called pretreatment. If you know which spring allergies trigger your symptoms, start taking your medicines a few weeks before the season actually starts. Medicines include, nasal spray, eye drops and antihistamines. Antihistamines are an easy and effective way to ease your discomfort. Many of these medications offer long-lasting relief and are non drowsy. To reduce your allergies and manage your symptoms follow these steps. Don't take more allergy medication than needed and take as prescribed, Talk with your doctor and ask if an allergy test is right for you e Change air condtioning and heating Dust and vacuum your home regularly Keep your pets bathed and cleaned. Don't dry your clothes outside, use your dryer Don't tackle too much yardwork. Mowing and raking can stir up allergens air filters often, Wash your bedding weekly in hot water. Shower before bed to rinse off any pollen. Track pollen counts and stay indoors as much as possible when the counts are high. Talk with your local Thrity White pharmacist for treatment tips of seasonal allergies and spend more time enjoying Spring! O Employee Owned PHARMACY 503 Third Ave. E Alexandria, MN (320) 762-1531 Store Hours: Mon Fri: 9am 8pm Sat: 9am 4pm .Sun: 10am 2pm 200 Central Ave. Osakis, MN (320) 859-2161 Store Hours: Mon Fri: 9am 5:30pm Closed Saturday & Sunday Convenient Drive Thtu indouw at our Alexandria location!